As a brand or a manufacturer you are allowed to use our service and software to create and publish BPO files when you understand and accept the followings:

Base Terms

- You are allowed to turn only your own products to BPO files. Just those products are considered belonging to you which are published with selling purpose on your website already in the name of your brand.
- You have to make the BPO files downloadable at least on your own website next to your products (in the required form below). This is an obligation.
- You have the right to publish your BPO files in BPO format anywhere (in the required form below).
- It is strictly prohibited to publish any other format created from BPO file , i.e. it is not allowed to publish the Revit RFA, Archicad GSM, IFC, FBX, etc. created from BPO file. This restriction is not only for your website but for any other site or for any other form of delivery like CD/DVD etc.

Special Permission to Publish BPO Derived Formats

If you would like to publish derived file formats (like .rfa or .gsm.) you have to ask permission from BIMporter Kft. first!
We can grant you this special permission IN WRITTEN FORM.
The permission will cost 5000 € + VAT / Calendar Year.
You must comply all those base requirements above extended by the followings:
- You are allowed to publish BPO derived files of your own products only. Just those products are considered belonging to you which are published with selling purpose on your website already in the name of your brand.
- Derived file from a BPO file should have the same name as the original BPO file with '_created_from_BPO' postfix, i.e. an .rfa file from XY_Product.bpo should be named XY_Product_CUSTOM_TEXT_created_from_BPO.rfa.
- The original BPO file or reference to it should present next to the published derived file created from it always.

The Required Form of BPO Publishment

BPO files created by your Brand must be published at least on the website of your Brand next to the appropriate product. Logo of BIMporter should be displayed at least 32px X 32px size before the BPO file download link. This logo should be linkable and the link should point to like this:

Download BPO File

HTML code source example:

		<div style="float: left; display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; gap: 2px;">
		<a  href="" target="_blank"><img  width="32px" height="32px" src="BIMporterLogo.png" ></a>
		<a  href="whatever.bpo">Download BPO File</a>
		<div style="clear: both;"></div>

Accepting your registration request is not automatic. We can reject your registration request if your brand is not creating/selling products for building industry or if we can't ensure that you are allowed to represent the brand. BPO Factory makes possible for us to ensure that you fulfill all those requirements above by archiving BPO files in BPO Factory as well. BIMporter will have the rights to use these archived BPO files to check whether your activity fulfills the requirements above. Any missuse of BIMporter infrastructure and software by harming those obligations above can lead to banning you from BPO Factory. Furthermore, when your company or brand changes its product portfolio or company activity / behaviour in such a drastic way that the company can not be considered as a brand of a building product range any more, we have the right to ban the company out from the BPO Factory.